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Welcome to our page!


We are glad to present you VENEFOOD, a subdivision of Int’l Grocers Group Corp, which takes care of the Sales and Distribution of Venezuelan products through our Online Shop, direct sales to customers and Exports to various countries.


VENEFOOD was built by Venezuelan-Americans, with the main purpose of bringing part of their Venezuelan roots, culinary traditions and mainly to satisfy the demands of our Hispanic community in the United States and around the world. Our distribution is not limited to the States, we will ship your orders to any part of the world. 

We are proud to be the company that will “Make you Feel at Home” with every product we have to offer you. We also offer you different services from labeling in the language needed to meet your country requirements, ink-jet your information on the actual products, load containers or consolidate in our Miami facility, provide logistics services to ship your orders, etc. 


Our Mission:


VENEFOOD wants to be part of your family, be there for your special occasions by bringing our products to your home, supply you with the most popular items and introduce them to the American market as well as other many countries around the World. We want to put a smile in your face while you enjoy them in your favorite store or at your door step.


We are proud of what we do, and we thank you in advance for keeping our traditions alive whenever you are by contacting VENEFOOD.

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