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F. A. Q.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order in our site is as easy as 1,2,3.


First you will need to select the item you are interested in buying, after reviewing its description and product information you will select the option of “Quantity” there you can select if you want one or more displays of the item in the picture, after making the quantity selection you need to click “ADD TO CART” and a small window will pop up on your right showing the item added to your shopping cart.


You can keep adding items to your cart by clicking on the top arrow where says: “Cart” and will take you back to the item you just added. Make sure to view the little cart on top showing the number of items you have added.


Once you are ready with your order, just click on the cart, review your order and select “Check Out”.  You will need to enter all your shipping information, and card information, as well to choose the shipping option that best suits you. You can learn more of the Shipping Options and information in our Shipping & Return section.


How long will it take for my order to be received?


This is a very important question, depending on the city/estate where you are buying from your delivery time may vary, however is the customer’s decision on what shipping method they wish to use based on the options provide in our site. We will suggest for certain items the most recommended shipping method to avoid the product to get spoiled in transit. We want to make sure of the freshness of our products and mainly your satisfaction.

Our processing time could take between 24-48 hours depending on the volume of orders received and this time is not part of the shipping time frame selected. 


What if a product I want is not on your site?


We always give the option to our customers to be connected, and this means to provide feedbacks, reviews and be in touch with us for new products. If you are looking for a specific product, you can always send us a message in our Contact Us section with the item or picture of the item you are looking, we will try all ways possible to add it to our portfolio and let you know once available, if possible at all.


Is there a retail store with your products?


Our company is expanding, and with this we are looking to reach supermarket chains, small stores and other kind of customers all over the world to satisfy your Venezuelan cravings, however part of this expansion takes time and slowly we are introducing our products to different countries. We will be announcing this information on our Newsletter.


If you are located in Miami, you can visit our offices in the West Kendall area and purchase your products in person, for more information you can contact our office at +1 (305) 747-7575.

Can I buy your products if I live outside the United States?

We have many new customers who frequently request information on International Shipping and we are glad to always answer YES!. VENEFOOD USA CORP with the support of many carriers, provides international services to customers who lives outside the US, we simply need a list or picture of your shopping cart with all the items that you wish to order and send it to us via our Social Networks or using our e-mail:, that way we can provide you with a quote to your address of delivery. If you wish to proceed after getting a shipping rate we will send you an authorization to be filled out with your payment information and ID. Your order will be processed and ship out within 48 hours. We encourage our customers to check local country regulations for the items you are intending to buy to avoid customs or FDA rejections in your country. VENEFOOD USA is not responsible for rejected items at customs nor undeliverable items. 

Is there any restrictions for International Shipping?

We are committed to offer our customer a satisfied and secure experience, for this reason, and before shipping your products overseas, we verify if there is any restriction by any Government Entity in that specific country, making sure your package will not be held by customs and refused for any reason. There is certain countries where restrictions applies for dairy products, canned meat, among others, being the reason why we encourage our customers to verify with our team first before placing and paying for your order. It is important to understand that we will use all possible sources to verify if your package will have restrictions or not, however we don't have access to local regulations that are not available with our carriers at the moment of shipping. For companies who wants to buy from another country, please always check with your broker to make sure on local documentation, regulations or requirements, which we have no access to know from the United States. VENEFOOD USA CORP is not responsible for packages that are not allow into the country of destination, even though we will do all efforts to have your package ship with no issues, we have no control over internal regulations and therefore cannot be held responsible for rejected packages. Please always check your local regulations for big orders, we will work together on them to ship securely. 

Does your company wholesale the products?

Yes, besides our retail sales we wholesale and ship nationwide. If you are interested in buying our products for re-selling, distributing or re-exporting, you can contact our Wholesale Team at for more information and further assistance. 

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