Aged Farmers Cheese / Queso Llanero 14Oz

Aged Farmers Cheese/Queso Duro Llanero - 14Oz

  • BRAND: Los Andes Food

    DESCRIPTION: Aged white farmers cheese

    INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized milk, salt, rennet Contains: milk 

    PACKAGING: 14oz package

    SHELF LIFE: 1 year from date of manufacture when stored between 35⁰F – 40⁰F (1.6⁰C – 4.4⁰C)

    CODING: Production batch number and expiration date.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All of our cheeses are shipped only Mondays and Tuesdays with the purpose of avoiding weekend interruptions. if you are located on the West Coast we may ship your order on Wednesdays as well. If your order is received after this time frame, will automatically be moved to the following Monday.