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Our White Soft Cheese, also known as Queso Guayanes, is a must-try for cheese lovers. This authentic Venezuelan cheese has a deliciously creamy taste that is perfect for any dish. It comes in a generous 32oz size, so you'll have plenty to enjoy. Whether you're making a sandwich or adding it to your favorite recipe, this cheese will bring an irresistible flavor to your meals. Don't miss out on the chance to taste this classic South American cheese.

White Soft Cheese / Queso Guayanes - 32oz

SKU: 85968800703
  • Brand: Los Andes Foods

    Description: Smooth, Soft white cheese.

    Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, cultured skim milk, salt, rennet.

    Shelf life: 30 days from date of manufacture.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All of our Frozen/Refrigerated products, are shipped only Mondays and Tuesdays with the purpose of avoiding weekend interruptions. if you are located on the East Coast we may ship your order on Wednesdays as well. If your order is received after this time frame, will automatically be moved to the following Monday.

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