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Looking for the perfect gift for a snack lover? Look no further than our Venezuelan Snack Tray Gift Box! This box is ideal for a special gift, allowing the recipient to munch a little bit of everything in one convenient package. The fun part is that you get to build it yourself! we will send all items and you can build the inside to your preference. 


This tray is perfect for on the go, to enjoy with others or by yourself. With a delicious assortment of Venezuelan snacks, this gift box is sure to be a hit with any foodie.


Tray contains 15 divisions that can be filled with lots of flavor. These 15 items are ramdomly selected, however if you have a special item/items request, please add it in the personalization box so we can arrange it for you.


Personalize your tray box for any special ocassion: Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's etc. Make sure to select the ocassion!

DIY - Venezuelan Snack Tray Gift Box

59,99$ Precio
36,99$Precio de oferta
  • Brand: Various Brands

    Pack/Size: 25+ assorted items packed, ready to enjoy. 10 items ramdomly selected and 5 items of your choice (optional).

    What's Included: 2 bags containing wrapped snacks (15+ different items to fill each slot), 15 grid large plastic container, personalized to the special ocassion selected, decorative ribbon to wrap the box, Thank you Card to write your special message. 

    Product Dimension: 10.9" x 6.5" x 2.2"

    Try Content Details: 15 items ramdomly selected, you can send us a special selection request of up to 5 items of your choice (please add this selection in the "Special Items" to be included. Items are sent separately, wrapped, thus you can build the inside of the tray.

    Sample Box in the picture includes:

    1 Samba Strawberry and 1 Samba Chocolate
    2 Rikiti Chocolate Bar 27g
    2 Cri Cri Chocolate Bar 27g
    2 Savoy Milk Chocolate Bar 30g
    2 Galak White Chocolate Bar 30g
    2 Packs of Oreo Fudge
    1 Bag of Pepito 25g
    1 Bag of Cheese Tris 54g
    1 Pirucream Snack Tray 
    1 Susy 50g
    1 Cocosette 50g
    5 Torontos
    4 Mini Carre 25g
    4 San Francisco Plantain Paste (Bocadillos)
    1 Toops Snack bag (either Chocolate or Dulce de Leche)

    A total of 30 items used to filled the box. This will be included with your order, Items could vary based on product availability.

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